How to get your healthy curves!


Ok, one could start off with the question: What do you mean by curves? You are totally right. What I made kind of a theme for this blog might be a bit more complex and tricky to develop from just one side. Others might ask themselves now: Am I a curvy person? Or: Do I even want to be curvy? Some may think about both.

I’m afraid I need to disappoint you from the beginning: I couldn’t find a scientifically based definition for who is considered to be curvy or what makes you not fulfil the requirements to be categorized as curvy, or similar. Ughh… What’s science good for if it cannot even answer this question! Well, I’m sure there is no need for it, we all have our own definition. In the end, curvy or less curvy (Is there any opposite?) I think we all agree that the most essential about curves is we want them healthy.

When talking about healthy weight one of the first things you are still most likely to hear is BMI. Am I right? Probably most of us know the so called “body mass index”. Everything you need for the calculation is your height and weight which then puts you in one of the categories ranging between underweight and extremely obese – Congratulations! Or let me put it this way: For certain clinical practices BMI is still a decent measure for a first classification and certainly justified, however in many cases it has turned out to be a rather inaccurate method – because it is no indicator for body fat. And it gets even better: In several studies a BMI higher than normal was found to be protective against certain chronic diseases, in particular in older adults (a reason why categorizations got adjusted within the recent years). And there we are back to the individual case: Healthy weight cannot be represented by a single number. It depends on many factors, genetics and gender is only two of them.

Although we have come to the conclusion that we cannot find a proper way to define healthy curves in general, we can define it for ourselves. And by saying this, on my blog Your healthy curves I will present you with my own approach about healthy nutrition and life style backed up by facts and experience. From my background as nutritionist and testing a variety of different diets (or better: ways to think about food) over the past years myself I learnt that only when I find the right dose of both discipline and moderation I could achieve a sustainable healthy life style. Whatever dose of something is said to keep the doctor away… learn listening to your own body (and no, not the calls of chocolate) – you are unique.

You can literally write books about how to adopt a healthy life style and maintain your curves so I may disappoint you again: I don’t have the universal answer at a glance – but I am willing to provide you with 3 (life-changing) insights:

  • Ban the scale. (Insider know I haven’t owned a scale for years! Why? I stopped listening to it anyways.) Instead, keep talking to your favorite jeans and it will fit. Frequent work out will shape your body and remember, muscle mass is heavier than fat mass… it is possible to get visibly slimmer without a significant drop in weight! And you skip that stressful moment in the mornings…
  • Party weekend ahead? Sounds fun! Enjoy but keep in mind: Alcohol (ethanol) as food component has the second highest energy density directly after fat and as if this wasn’t bad enough it also slows down your fat metabolism. If you still want to have a glas or two you may prefer the options without added sugar (such as wine and beer instead of a cocktail) The basic rule applies: Calories in vs calories out is key. You may take it easy on your alcohol consumption for the rest of the week.
  • Make sure you reward yourself regularly. Why not buy yourself some new sport clothes? It does no harm to look good during your workout! Besides, as you might have already noticed, not every exercise feels the same. Some may feel heavy in the beginning but practice will give you the confidence and make you look professional during your workout – once this level of feel-good is reached you will stick to it!

I wish you very welcome to follow this blog for a while and learn more about how to find your own balance between a healthy body and soul.

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